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iPhone covers and iPad skins featuring the lads from Cartoon Boyfriend. don’t see your guy? don’t fear if he’s sold out as i will replenish soon:

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Q&A With:

H: So how did you get into playing soccer?

S: Football is a religion in my home! My father played internationally for Italy and he coached some of the junior clubs including mine.

H: How was it being coached by your father?

S: (laughing) There was no favoritism! He was merciless, but discipline is what it takes to play the game with skill!

H. You seem pretty grounded as a result.

S: My parents were very steady with us.

H. So I’m picking up a family man sort of vibe. Am I right?

S: Definitely. That includes extended family too. When you travel as a team so much, you tend to develop bonds.

H: Speaking of traveling, what’s one of your favorite vacation spots?

S: The Fijian Islands. It’s so beautiful and tranquil there! Turquoise waters, coral reefs and such wonderful people.

H: Sounds stunning!

S: No two islands are alike and there are plenty that haven’t been overrun by tourism.

H: You sound like an environmentalist.

S: I am. Being that we travel so much, which in and of itself has a negative impact on the environment, I try to leave as little a carbon footprint as possible in all other respects.

H: Does that apply to your vineyard as well?

S: Yes! It’s organic and crafted in smaller batches. The barrels belonged to my grandfather’s vineyard and now I use them in mine. I’ve got a wonderful Sangiovese that is the perfect accompaniment to a puttanesca, simple but packed with flavor!

H: Do you cook?

S: I’m no chef but I can pull together a pasta. It’s the easiest thing in the kitchen!

H: So your woman had better love her carbs?

S: (laughing) I enjoy a woman with meat on her bones, if that’s what you’re asking! Women should be warm and healthy. Curves are definitely a plus!

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Photo of the Week: Hideo’s Suzuki Hayabusa…

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Dating 101 for Guys:…

So in an effort to get our less knowledgeable into the know, Miguel is giving up his top ten tips for dating:

1. Change your sheets on a weekly basis. Dirt and body oil build up on the linen causing unwanted clogged pores. Looking your best is important. Blemishes and bacne are not part of the package.

2. Figure out your wardrobe the night before and look it over for dirt and wrinkles. Make sure the lights are on so the colors match.

3. Tweeze nostrils, ears and uni-brows for unsightly strays. A word to the wise, if it says ‘not for eyebrows or facial hair’, it’s not a suggestion!

4. Make sure your pucker is in tip top shape: exfoliate + lip balm = kissable lips

5. When picking up your date, be aware of your surroundings. Your date can’t get into the car if you’re parked in front of the mailbox. Hint: you would have noticed that on the way to her front door.

6. At dinner, be sure to chew with your mouth closed and don’t speak when eating. You’re hoping she’ll want to kiss that mouth by the end of the evening!

7. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Keep in mind you can be straight with your date without being rude.

8. No matter how long you’ve known her, there’s nothing sexy about passing gas in front of her. Ever!

9. Under no  circumstances should you call her “Dude”.

10. Don’t just drop her off at the curb, unless you never want to see her again. Which after that, I’m sure it will be mutual!

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Q&A With:

H: Of course our readers would like to know, what five languages you speak?

J: English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Vietnamese.

H: Vietnamese?

J: My grandmother’s language.

H: How would you describe Buffalo Soldier?

J: It’s a fusion of mellow, groovin’ funk interwoven with traditional Dan Tranh, a Vietnamese string instrument. My gram would play it for me when I was a boy. It’s very sad but tranquil music and she’s studied it since she was young.

H: (he demonstrates the Dan Tranh) It’s deeply relaxing.

J: You’ve got it!

H: So what is your idea of a relaxing time?

J: I have a little retreat in the Serra dos Órgãos where I like to go and get centered. Plenty of room to decompress and tune my senses up, tap into my inner core. It’s a sacred place to be shared with the right people.

H: Well, who would be the “right people” or should i say “person”?

J: (He grins shyly) Well okay, she, would be secure, intelligent and warm. I’m pretty physical and I’d want her to see the natural beauty of where I live. I’m attracted to women who are enthusiastic about life.

H: Can we open a window? It’s getting hot in here.

J: (Laughing) Well, you asked!

H: Any advice for applicants?

J: Just be yourself. Relax in your skin. There is nothing hotter in a woman than cool confidence. Know your worth.

H: I’ll be sure to get right on that!

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Q&A With:

H: What do you like in a woman?

M: What’s not to like? Every woman is like a diamond, flawed yet uniquely beautiful with an internal light that draws you like a beacon!

H: What is your greatest turnoff in a woman?

M: A mean spirit. Nothing is more ugly than a woman who is cruel to the people around her. Life can be cruel enough without adding to it.

H If you could have been an historical figure, which one would you be?

M: Sir Walter Raleigh, the original Cartoon Boyfriend! He was an intellectual and an adventurer who, although her favor cost him his head, charmed the heart of a queen.

H: That sounds brutal!

M: Ah! But what favors she must have had!

H: What books are you currently reading?

M: Mark Antony: a life.

H: You seem to have a predilection towards men who’ve gotten the rough end of the pineapple in love.

M: Yes but life is better savored with a little sour to enhance the sweet!

H: What is the story behind the bullfighter costume?

M: (laughing) It’s exactly that, a costume! I would never dream of hurting an animal especially in sport! I appreciate the beauty that goes into making traje de luces which means “suit of lights.”

H: That’s beautiful!

M: (smiling) Now you know my secret passion.

H: What is your take on dating websites? Any advice?

M: Just like you wouldn’t go to a fast food restaurant to get prime rib, nor should you choose a generic site for the special person in your life. Choose a site based around similar values and interests or, you could just choose me instead! Ciao, chica lindas!

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hello boys!

welcome to the world of cartoon boyfriends where there is a dream come true for every girl or guy!  cartoon boyfriend came about initially through my love of comics and their cartoon hunks.  always larger than life and way too good to be true, i would listen to my single girlfriends and compare their long lists of what constitutes boyfriend material to these fictional characters while laughing over the impossibility of it all.  i finally stopped laughing long enough to give these daydreams a handsome face backed by all of those highly romanticized qualities so secretly desired.  it’s the inside joke that’s shared sister to sister and the perfect way to have our cake and eat it too!

as a designer and illustrator, i have a passion for both men and textiles and am combining the two in the cartoon boyfriend product line.  a night on the couch with a glass of wine and chick flicks can now be enlivened by a hottie who won’t hog the popcorn or pass gas at inappropriate moments!  a super suavecito who will also pretty up your living space when having friends over for cocktails, you won’t have to nag him about his personal grooming habits!  my boys are ready, willing and able for bachelorette parties, sleep overs, and cocktails, they know their manners and are exclusive to you!

click on the bio pages to find out more about each of these cartoon hunks and visit the shop so you can get your very own!

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