Q&A With:

H: So how did you get into playing soccer?

S: Football is a religion in my home! My father played internationally for Italy and he coached some of the junior clubs including mine.

H: How was it being coached by your father?

S: (laughing) There was no favoritism! He was merciless, but discipline is what it takes to play the game with skill!

H. You seem pretty grounded as a result.

S: My parents were very steady with us.

H. So I’m picking up a family man sort of vibe. Am I right?

S: Definitely. That includes extended family too. When you travel as a team so much, you tend to develop bonds.

H: Speaking of traveling, what’s one of your favorite vacation spots?

S: The Fijian Islands. It’s so beautiful and tranquil there! Turquoise waters, coral reefs and such wonderful people.

H: Sounds stunning!

S: No two islands are alike and there are plenty that haven’t been overrun by tourism.

H: You sound like an environmentalist.

S: I am. Being that we travel so much, which in and of itself has a negative impact on the environment, I try to leave as little a carbon footprint as possible in all other respects.

H: Does that apply to your vineyard as well?

S: Yes! It’s organic and crafted in smaller batches. The barrels belonged to my grandfather’s vineyard and now I use them in mine. I’ve got a wonderful Sangiovese that is the perfect accompaniment to a puttanesca, simple but packed with flavor!

H: Do you cook?

S: I’m no chef but I can pull together a pasta. It’s the easiest thing in the kitchen!

H: So your woman had better love her carbs?

S: (laughing) I enjoy a woman with meat on her bones, if that’s what you’re asking! Women should be warm and healthy. Curves are definitely a plus!

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