Dating 101 for Guys:…

So in an effort to get our less knowledgeable into the know, Miguel is giving up his top ten tips for dating:

1. Change your sheets on a weekly basis. Dirt and body oil build up on the linen causing unwanted clogged pores. Looking your best is important. Blemishes and bacne are not part of the package.

2. Figure out your wardrobe the night before and look it over for dirt and wrinkles. Make sure the lights are on so the colors match.

3. Tweeze nostrils, ears and uni-brows for unsightly strays. A word to the wise, if it says ‘not for eyebrows or facial hair’, it’s not a suggestion!

4. Make sure your pucker is in tip top shape: exfoliate + lip balm = kissable lips

5. When picking up your date, be aware of your surroundings. Your date can’t get into the car if you’re parked in front of the mailbox. Hint: you would have noticed that on the way to her front door.

6. At dinner, be sure to chew with your mouth closed and don’t speak when eating. You’re hoping she’ll want to kiss that mouth by the end of the evening!

7. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Keep in mind you can be straight with your date without being rude.

8. No matter how long you’ve known her, there’s nothing sexy about passing gas in front of her. Ever!

9. Under no  circumstances should you call her “Dude”.

10. Don’t just drop her off at the curb, unless you never want to see her again. Which after that, I’m sure it will be mutual!

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