Q&A With:

H: What do you like in a woman?

M: What’s not to like? Every woman is like a diamond, flawed yet uniquely beautiful with an internal light that draws you like a beacon!

H: What is your greatest turnoff in a woman?

M: A mean spirit. Nothing is more ugly than a woman who is cruel to the people around her. Life can be cruel enough without adding to it.

H If you could have been an historical figure, which one would you be?

M: Sir Walter Raleigh, the original Cartoon Boyfriend! He was an intellectual and an adventurer who, although her favor cost him his head, charmed the heart of a queen.

H: That sounds brutal!

M: Ah! But what favors she must have had!

H: What books are you currently reading?

M: Mark Antony: a life.

H: You seem to have a predilection towards men who’ve gotten the rough end of the pineapple in love.

M: Yes but life is better savored with a little sour to enhance the sweet!

H: What is the story behind the bullfighter costume?

M: (laughing) It’s exactly that, a costume! I would never dream of hurting an animal especially in sport! I appreciate the beauty that goes into making traje de luces which means “suit of lights.”

H: That’s beautiful!

M: (smiling) Now you know my secret passion.

H: What is your take on dating websites? Any advice?

M: Just like you wouldn’t go to a fast food restaurant to get prime rib, nor should you choose a generic site for the special person in your life. Choose a site based around similar values and interests or, you could just choose me instead! Ciao, chica lindas!

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