Q&A With:

H: Of course our readers would like to know, what five languages you speak?

J: English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Vietnamese.

H: Vietnamese?

J: My grandmother’s language.

H: How would you describe Buffalo Soldier?

J: It’s a fusion of mellow, groovin’ funk interwoven with traditional Dan Tranh, a Vietnamese string instrument. My gram would play it for me when I was a boy. It’s very sad but tranquil music and she’s studied it since she was young.

H: (he demonstrates the Dan Tranh) It’s deeply relaxing.

J: You’ve got it!

H: So what is your idea of a relaxing time?

J: I have a little retreat in the Serra dos Órgãos where I like to go and get centered. Plenty of room to decompress and tune my senses up, tap into my inner core. It’s a sacred place to be shared with the right people.

H: Well, who would be the “right people” or should i say “person”?

J: (He grins shyly) Well okay, she, would be secure, intelligent and warm. I’m pretty physical and I’d want her to see the natural beauty of where I live. I’m attracted to women who are enthusiastic about life.

H: Can we open a window? It’s getting hot in here.

J: (Laughing) Well, you asked!

H: Any advice for applicants?

J: Just be yourself. Relax in your skin. There is nothing hotter in a woman than cool confidence. Know your worth.

H: I’ll be sure to get right on that!

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